Contemplative Photographic Art of Roger Allen Baut™ | Mo Chao: Serene Reflection
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"Mo Chao means serene reflection. The lake is silent--no ripples. It reflects perfectly," Osho.

Mo chao, serene reflection, is expressed thusly:

"Siently and serenly one forgets all words;
clearly and vividly that appears before him.
When one realizes it, it is vast and without edges;
in its essence, one is clearly aware.
Singularly reflecting is this bright awareness,
full of wonder is this pure reflection," Hung Chin.

1. Mirror Mirror I
2. Mirror Mirror II
3. Sky in Lake I
4. Sky in Lake II
5. Sky in Lake III
6. Sky in Lake IV
7. Sky in Lake V
8. Sky in Lake VI
9. Blue on Blue
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