Contemplative Photographic Art of Roger Allen Baut™ | Path to the Clouds
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One day, whilst out hiking, I looked and saw a path. As I beheld the path I noticed that it led across a field, into the trees and from there appeared to lead to the clouds:

1. Gallery Intro
2. Path to the Clouds
3. Along the Path
4. Reflecting Water
5. Cloud Galleon
6. Portal in the Clouds
7. Above & Below I
8. Above & Below II
9. Breaking Through I
10. Breaking Through II
11. The Light
12. Dappled Sky I
13. Dappled Sky II
14. Going Beyond
15. Water Colour Sky
IntroPath to the CloudsAlong the PathClouds and WaterCloud GalleonPortal in the CloudsAbove & Below IAbove & Below IIBreaking Through IBreaking Through IIThe LightDappled Sky IDappled Sky IIGoing BeyondWater Colour Sky